This Bulletin is from July 26th, 2022

August 2022

Dear Friends of German Humour,

I just realised I haven’t sent a bulletin since February. A bit slack if you ask me.

Then again nothing’s really happened in the intervening period.

Yes, petrol prices have gone up quite a bit but judging by the number of people who still disturb the peace by keeping their car engines running while waiting outside shops or schools, fuel’s nowhere near expensive enough yet.

In other news, 160,000 pensioners are voting in the next Prime Minister. I forced myself to watch Truss vs Sunak and was ready to kick my telly in when they were both giving it large about being honest and then proceeded to claim the traffic jams at Dover and Folkestone have nothing to do with Brexit.

We all love a bit of Brexit’s “Come on England” spirit but outright denial of reality isn’t the best way forward. Or maybe for those two it is what with that nice cost-of-living crisis Boris’s successor will have to deal with.

Who could have foreseen that locking down a country for months on end creating obvious supply issues and wrecking the state’s finances with furlough payments and no tax income might lead to inflation?!

Whoever was fervently in favour of lockdown and now has the nerve to complain about inflation should be made to kneel right behind one of those running car exhausts.

Luckily there is always climate change to take our minds off things. And I doff my sun hat to Sadiq Khan for saying how the recent wildfires meant London Fire Brigade had its busiest day since World War Two. Dragging up the war just like that is a brilliant example of perfect integration by London’s mayor. (On a factual matter you’d have thought LFB must have been quite busy with Grenfell and 7/7 but that wouldn’t have made anywhere near as good a headline.)

Anyway, as they say: Two Wild Fires and One World Cup – have a great rest of the summer!


PS: Please find below a list of upcoming gigs. It would be great to see you at one of those.

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