This Bulletin is from April 3rd, 2024

Infrequent Bulletin – April 2024

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Please find below a list of upcoming dates for the new Acid Wehn tour.

Please note more dates are constantly being added and the tour will run until late 2025 and presumably the early part of 2026.

By which point Germany will be a four times winner of the Euros. Just kidding. Despite the recent wins over France and the Netherlands, I’d at this stage settle for draws with Scotland and Hungary and a narrow defeat to Switzerland.

Every bit as much as my own show, I recommend you go and see Berlin-based Otto Kuhnle, who will be at the Brighton Fringe from May 12th-21st. It’ll be Otto’s first performances in the UK since 2012.

Otto and I used to have a double act at various festivals around the world. He’s a much-loved performer back home (Wim Wenders movies etc) and after a chance meeting in a London pub in 2004 we decided to meet up on the Southbank the next day and sing some German folk songs. It was a laugh and a half and we have been cooperating ever since. For example, the intro songs for my shows are always composed by Otto.

Here he is in his element:

And here he is doing a magic trick:

Otto taught me the basics of touring to a German standard. This includes setting up the lights so the stage rather than the audience is lit. And more specifically, the performer’s face and not their feet.

There’s little worse than turning up at a venue realising there’s no decent sound or lighting.

I recently did a preview and the only source of light was a small, immovable LED light. The atmosphere this created was somewhere between horror show and comedy in the dark.

Or, on a much bigger scale, I’ll never forget seeing Jerry Sadowitz at the massive Hammersmith Apollo. He did a barnstorming 90-minute set, lit by what looked like 10 hand-held torches. It was grotesque. Poor Jerry had to put in a magnificent performance just to get by. It really was a travesty!

As far as I am aware all my upcoming venues boast some kind of lights and speakers. Granted, the set-up might still be substandard but I promise I’ll try to make it the least substandard in the circumstances.

Have a great April and see you soon


PS: Re-reading this I’m not sure how encouraging this quick ticket alert is. Probably it should have just read “Ladies and Gentlemen, here are a hatful of upcoming gigs. Would be great to see you at one of those.” I must ask Otto how to do PR when I see him in Brighton.

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