This Bulletin is from November 15th, 2022

Infrequent Bulletin – November 2022

Dear Friends of German Humour,

I hope you’re all doing well and have worked out a way to watch every game of the upcoming World Cup whilst also boycotting it at the same time. I’ll probably be glued to the settee wearing one of those trendy Chinese-made elasticated captain’s armbands in rainbow.
You may have noticed the massive rebranding effort that has gone on at German Humour. Bye-bye Monthly Bulletin, hello Infrequent Bulletin.
If you wonder who dreamt up such a great name, well, I employed the very agency who charged Scottish Tourism £125,000 for coming up with the slogan “Welcome to Scotland”. I am happy to report I got mine for half that.
The name change was inspired by Friend of German Humour, Andy Ormiston, who emailed this fully merited pep talk / dressing down after the last missive at the end of July.
…at the very least, you could pull your finger out and either change the name of your monthly bulletin to “Henning’s committed to a lot of tour dates that now need to be filled, so here’s a quick reminder of how funny I am, so you don’t miss out on me live” OR send out your monthly bulletin on a monthly basis…
A good point well made. But here’s what’s stopping me: as Gavin Williamson recently found out it’s not advisable to put anything in writing. Even sending the occasional bulletin with the odd attempt at a quip is an unnecessary risk. All it takes is some wally to go out of their way to be offended and if they’re nutty enough you’ve had it.
Jerry Sadowitz’s Edinburgh festival run got cancelled after a single performance because one or two venue staff didn’t enjoy the show and successfully went for the old Down With This Sort Of Thing approach. The biggest annoyance was seeing some of the right-on luvvies of the comedy scene in favour of such an appalling decision, not realising they themselves will be on the receiving end of similar treatment at some point in the future. First they came for the… etc etc.
Ah well, culture war! Of all the wars to rage it’s probably one of the less destructive. Sadly, societal division is going to increase further in the build-up to the next general election. We can already see where it’s heading. Party A runs Operation Red Meat which vilifies anyone active and health-conscious and Party B thinks men can give birth. A straight choice between the deeply unpleasant and the outright insane.
As I say in It’ll All Come Out In The Wash: if you look at the state of it all there’s a lot to be said for a fatal heart attack.
Anyway, enjoy the World Cup and hopefully see you soon – have a great 2023!


PS: Please find below a list of upcoming gigs. It would be great to see you at one of those.

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