This Bulletin is from May 20th, 2021

May 2021

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I hope you’re well and have already enjoyed a few pints down your local.

Let’s get them in while we can!

The prospect of the government changing their minds again leads to the exact opposite of what they’re supposedly intending: the protection of people’s health.

The uncertainty makes people go to the pub a lot more than they would otherwise and drink a lot more as well, as you don’t know how much longer we’re allowed.

This reminds me of when I went to my local, the Horse and Groom, last year on the day before the first lockdown and also the day of the reopening. The crowd on both nights was exactly the same, with people sitting in exactly the same spots. Some looking considerably healthier than they had done three months before and some looking considerably worse. You were in no doubt what kind of lockdown each individual had.

I’m (foolishly) assuming it’s all going to be full steam ahead and have even announced the first few dates of an Edinburgh Fringe run, which I hope will be extended through to the end of August.

The new show is an unbiased look at the Covid crisis and I was concerned the topic might be old hat by the time we’re allowed back into theatres purely because we ARE allowed back into theatres. But as usual the Prime Minister came to the rescue when he said “Britain will be dealing with the fallout of this pandemic for decades”. Result!

Entirely plausible too, as England won the World Cup more than half a century ago and that’s still mentioned on a daily basis…

Have a great summer and hopefully see you before long, looking all fit and healthy!


PS: Please check below if I come to a pub or theatre near you.

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