This Bulletin is from January 8th, 2020

January 2020

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Hopefully you’ve had a good start to the new year.

Hard to believe but it’s been less than a month since the General Election!

Feels like donkey’s years. It must be because parliamentarians went off on holidays straight after and the Premier League has taken over since.

I wonder how the election result will affect my current tour show as in it I discuss the futility of a second referendum. And for the time being that topic is parked until later in the year when another cliff edge beckons and demands for a people’s vote will almost certainly return.

By the way, I am not saying me having to adjust my show is a case for small violins to come out. (Just googled if the expression is ‘small’ or ‘tiny’ violin. It is ‘small’. According to Urbandictionary ‘tiny violin’ is something else altogether…)

Anyway, the real victims of the election shenanigans were the 650 Brexit Party candidates, who got sold down the river by their leader standing down half of them and the other half not standing a chance as a consequence.

Then again, I backed them to win at least one seat anywhere at 3/1 only for that crook Farage to deny me my just reward. On reflection, it IS me who is the biggest election loser…!

Have a great 2020 and let’s not worry about Britain’s role in Europe until the start of the European Championships on June 12th at the very earliest.


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