This Bulletin is from July 5th, 2015

July 2015

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Welcome to this slightly delayed July bulletin. I have got no idea why it took me so long to get it ready. On the plus side I can now explain to you all what’s been happening so far this month.

As it stands there’s still no footage of Angela Merkel lazing about in the garden, practising the Nazi salute. That’s maybe because she wasn’t raised by white supremacists. There is however loads of footage of her trying to rescue Europe, and waving. Just waving.

There’s now also footage of Lord Sewel wearing a bra having it off with prostitutes, doing the reputation of the House of Lords the world of good in the process. Watching them peers on BBC Parliament you wouldn’t think any of them could possibly still maintain an erection.

Talking of old fools. Sepp Blatter got showered with money by master self-publicist Lee Nelson. It could be construed as some proud Englishman’s protest against FIFA’s murky dealings as long as you ignore that almost every English club has dubious foreign owners that go around world football throwing around their ill-gotten riches. 40m Euros for Roberto Firmino anyone?

So, on closer inspection it would have been more credible if Nelson had given his money to Greece instead…

I almost forgot: there’s one more bit of exciting footage! It’s the latest prize draw for Eins, Zwei, DIY for the period February to June. Riveting!

Auf Wiedersehen


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