This Bulletin is from November 15th, 2014

November 2014

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

It’s now a quarter of a century since the fall of the Berlin Wall and only marginally longer since I last sent out a monthly bulletin.

You would think sending out missives in such low frequency should equate to an embarrassment of riches when it comes to hilarious anecdotes. But I’m touring and there’s only so much excitement to be had on motorway services. The absolute highlight is probably asking for a spare cup at a Starbucks and then drink all their free milk. Semi-skimmed, full fat, the lot! And not pay a penny!

And if the dearth of amusing encounters wasn’t bad enough, I’ve started to become worried of sharing any thoughts with anyone. Traditionally stand-up comedians had to be terrified of what spurious criticisms the Daily Mail had lined up against them. Over the last few weeks there’s been an equally good chance of making the news after being vilified by a right-on mob of fellow performers and online herberts. The latest one to get some (and not in a good way) is Daniel O’Reilly for his character Dapper Laughs.

Even on my basic TV package I have the choice between roughly 62 channels, each of which offer up to 24 hours of programming per day. If I wanted to start a petition against every programme I don’t like, I wouldn’t have time to leave the house. And who would be drinking Starbucks dry?

Now for some administrative catching up! Please find below the video of the prize draw for the 2014 Edinburgh Festival. Please ignore me not having any idea about postcodes on Tyneside. All winners have been informed.

The comedy trade fair has been such a long time ago I have almost forgotten about the piss-stained curtains and needles in the carpet of the flat I was staying in.
At the time I wanted the landlord to get run over by a car but there comes a point when you have to let go. Or hire a car.

In other news please have a look at my new website design. It’s just as functional as its predecessor. And while you’re at it you might as well have a quick look at this;

In case the DVD isn’t expensive enough for your taste you have until the end of January to go to the excellent Germany exhibition at the British Museum and spend 100 quid on a tankard in the souvenir shop.

Have a great November!


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