This Bulletin is from November 18th, 2012

November 2012

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Sorry for the delay to this month’s newsletter but it took me time to get to grips with my new part-time role as manager of Blackburn Rovers.

Seriously, the last few days I, along with every other Henning in Britain, have felt like we’ve been spat out by a time machine in the early noughties. “What’s your name? Henning? Like in Henning Berg?” To be honest, as much as I fancy myself as a football manager, the Blackburn job is a case of rather him than me. Love + Hate, the only movie ever to have been shot in Blackburn, was about teenagers trying to run off to London. Why would a grown man go the opposite way? Unless you’re a Labour MP looking for a safe seat. Or a riot.

Luckily with Christmas coming up hardly anyone’s looking for a riot. Most people are looking to raise money for charity, with the most brazen demanding cash for not shaving – as part of the Movember movement.

I don’t want to go all Littlejohn but you couldn’t make it up. What’s next? Having the stuffing knocked out of you if you maintain standards and DO shave? Who is behind that Movember thing?! Al Qaeda, that’s who!

Talking of despicable acts of so-called charity, I was given the opportunity to butcher a song on what I’m sure is a very good piano for Children in Need.

I have to keep it brief this month – I have to decide on the line-up for the Peterborough game.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see you soon

Henning (Wehn)

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