This Bulletin is from August 15th, 2012

August 2012

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Games so far. I know I have. Not least as this time, unlike at the last London Olympics in 1948, Germany is invited.

Back then, and not for the last time, a bankrupt, war-knackered Britain had to cobble together an Olympics made more difficult by the fact the previous Olympics had been so spectacular.

Undisputed highlight of 2012 so far was the German eventing team winning gold just ahead of Zara Phillips and her friends, which in a way made it a German 1-2.

Other than that, the Fatherland’s medal exploits have been rather disappointing. Just like at Euro 2012 our mentally weak athletes are not able to cope with pressure.

Very much unlike Team GB who just keeps on winning. And as if Britain’s excellent medal haul this time wasn’t enough, there’ll be an even bigger one at the Commonwealth Games 2014 in Glasgow.

The Commonwealth Games, where British fulltime athletes compete against the finest postmen, plumbers and bus drivers from Montserrat, Dominica and the Virgin Islands.

It’s like the first round of the FA Cup all the way through.

In the history of the Commonwealth Games Wales has won 51 gold medals. And we can all safely agree if Wales won 51 gold medals it’s not a proper sporting competition.

In the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne there was one event that had too few participants to merit a bronze medal: women’s double trap pair. It’s some sort of pigeon shooting, which in itself is a right nonsense.

Just blow up the nest. That’s got to be maximum score.

So, that’s enough ill-informed and badly linked nonsense for one month.
I have to get back in front of the telly to watch some more random sport no-one will care about once the football season is underway. (which can’t be soon enough to be honest)

Have a great month!


Please find below a list of upcoming gigs. I have two final LONDON PREVIEWS at the Betsey Trotwood THIS WEEK, before going up to the Scottish comedy trade fair. Tickets for all shows

If you’re in Edinburgh already please check out Otto Kuhnle’s Ich bin ein Berliner. It’s proper bonkers. Tickets on

And if you’re foolish enough to watch non-German comedy acts, I highly recommend my writing partner Liam Mullone.

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