This Bulletin is from August 3rd, 2011

August 2011

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

It’s Edinburgh Fringe time again! The one month the locals can’t get enough of.

In addition to the year-round annoyance of Spanish tourists aimlessly wandering up and down a tramless Princess Street there is now a good helping of amateur dramatic productions overcrowding The Royal Mile, too.

Cafes are full of drama students whispering – no, never whispering – always at full throttle, telling the world and her Mutter about their made-up reviews on fictional websites and how they know someone who once wrote a sitcom “that almost got commissioned by Channel 5”.

Like comedy itself visiting the Edinburgh Fringe is all about timing. Come early in the run and marvel at shows that are still rough round the edges but performed with passion, hope and excitement.

Come late in the run if you like your shows well run in and your performers disillusioned and teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

Whenever you come – enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s greatest arts festival, and please make sure you don’t slip on one of those discarded flyers!

You probably have guessed that this isn’t written with the monthly bulletin in mind but for the brochure of my Edinburgh venue. Sorry but that’s all I have time for. I got myself in a right old pickle by letting down all German stereotypes to do with forward planning.

I terminated my tenancy agreement for August 3rd without having lined up anything else; convinced everything would fall into place. It didn’t. So I spent today bringing my belongings to a local storage unit. Don’t ask.
No Surrender!


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