This Bulletin is from November 21st, 2010

November 2010

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Cor blimey, I can’t believe November is half over and I still haven’t sent out the monthly bulletin.

In fact I left it so late a lot of things I would have liked to write about are old hat already.

For instance the wilful mistranslation of Angela Merkel’s ‘multiculturalism is dead’ remarks. What she had actually declared a total failure was ‘multikulti’; the 1980s do-gooders-theory that integration will work if only Germans and immigrants all wear long skirts, make soup, smoke pot and drink milk in the name of togetherness. This concept was bound to fail not least as all Chinese immigrants are lactose intolerant. They do make good soup though.

Not mistranslated but plain absurd was David Cameron’s statement that the ‘best years are ahead of us’. Considering that Britain once ruled half the planet this is a truly bizarre prediciton. But having ruled the waves or not, this is not an acceptable statement to make for any European head of state as Europe had its day. The ‘best years are ahead of us’ would be a disingenuous statement even for the head of Albania and they haven’t had any good years.

The only Western politician entitled to say the ‘best years are ahead of us’ is Barack Obama. And only when speaking as a secret Muslim. : )

Isn’t it funny how Obama’s alleged Islamic faith is used as a slur on him whilst Tony Blair’s conversion to Catholicism is used to discredit the Catholic Church? You know you have an image problem when you give the Catholic Church a bad name.

Speaking of religion – Otto Kuhnle and I have a small tour of authentic German Christmas Dos. In addition to the dates in LONDON, BRIGHTON, NOTTINGHAM and BARTON we have added a date in HULL on Dec 12th.
Tickets for all shows are available on and

Anyway, have a good month and hopefully see you soon

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