This Bulletin is from May 5th, 2010

May 2010

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Just in case you haven’t heard: today is the British general election.

The poll stations have only just opened, but the England football team are the big losers of the day already.

For the past few weeks British media reserved their attention and trademark bile for the three candidates and their wives’ outfits, and gave Fabio Capello a chance to prepare the World Cup quest in relative peace and quiet.

This serenity will stop abruptly once the election circus comes to an end and the gutter media can fully focus again on speculating if England winning the World Cup would be bigger than Jordan’s tits or not.

England fans must now be hoping for a hung parliament and a really drawn-out decision process before the parties agree on a new government, ideally not until August.

Before then you must come and see Otto Kuhnle and my UK tour, which starts this Monday in Glasgow.

Have a great month – make sure you vote – preferably UKIP as they are the most serious about implementing Otto von Bismarck’s 19th century plan of isolating Britain.


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