This Bulletin is from January 10th, 2010

January 2010

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I hope you have had a sufficiently enjoyable start to 2010.

Firstly let me apologize for not having sent out a monthly bulletin since November.

This is not me having become lazy and abandoned my duties as spiritual leader of the world humour revolution but the result of my freemail provider gmx revamping their address book function in a way you would have to be Indian with a first in IT to make use of it. Since then they redesigned their site for a second time and now even I can access all details again.

Anyway, let’s not worry about all that modern electronic nonsense and Indians. Let’s celebrate proper culture: Essen and the Ruhr Valley is European Capital of Culture 2010!

Admittedly that honour has lost a lot of credibility since Liverpool held the title the year before last and Southampton and Portsmouth entered a joined bid for 2022 but I can’t praise the beauty of Ruhrgebiet, Europe’s third-largest conurbation, highly enough. Details here:

And once you’re over don’t forget to visit my hometown Hagen, the pearl of the region.

I have a lot of time to take in the action myself as I won’t be going to Australia this spring thanks to Herr Kuhnle thinking it appropriate to impregnate his girlfriend Heidi. (that’s right – his girlfriend; they’re not even married. Scandalous! What would Pope Benedikt say?)

And going to Australia on my own is not an option. Why Gary Megson was right to field a reserve Bolton side away to Sporting Lisbon in March 2008, why Doncaster Rovers should turn down their PA system, and why Showcase Cinema Coventry and Oxford’s Magdalen College are essentially the same thing are of no interest to any Australian.

Looking at it in the cold light of day none of this is of any interest to any Brit either.

Anyway, as a result of immorality I am now wildly available to do gigs at YOUR wedding/birthday party (nudge), YOUR pre-World Cup and end-of-season football club dinner (nudge, nudge) and YOUR corporate events. (nudge, nudge, nudge).

Have a great 2010


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