This Bulletin is from May 5th, 2008

May 2008

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

What an exciting month this has been so far.

Firstly my sincere congratulations to China for having officially become the world’s second superpower. Up until now global protests on the scale seen against the Olympic torch relay had been reserved exclusively for the US. You know you’re doing well when you get abused everywhere. If only being German could still arouse such antagonism.

Should congratulations be extended to Max Mosley? I am not sure. The F1 supremo was filmed with his trousers round his ankles shouting at some Fräuleins in German. Critics say he re-enacted concentration camp scenes. He says he spoke German only because some of the Fräuleins were German. This makes Mosley either a lying pervert or the only Brit courteous enough to address foreigners in their language.

Have a great month


PS: This newsletter is NOT sent out early because of Otto Kuhnle and my run
at Questors Theatre, which starts this Monday (today) and for which tickets
can be ordered on
or by calling 020 8567 5184. This is purely coincidental.

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