This Bulletin is from December 20th, 2007

December 2007

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I am sorry for the delay to this month’s bulletin but I have been busy watching every single one of the Daily Mail’s supplementary 26 DVDs about WWI. Allegedly its next DVD collection will go back even further in history and feature the suppression of the Mau Mau uprising and Britain’s role in the El Nino famine on the Indian subcontinent. Not.

November was a good month not only for the DVD collections but also for the image of tabloid readers. Pretentious snobs like me always thought that Daily Mail and other tabloids were bought by the thickest people in the country. Wrong! Government released figures showing that 20% of British pupils struggle with literacy after seven years of primary education. This means there are millions who can’t even read the poisonous drivel. Scary!

Last month also showed what odd forms separatism can take. I much appreciate the general British scepticism towards a united Europe and Brussels in particular. However I still think if you like football as much as the Brits do you shouldn’t boycott the European Championships entirely. Send at least one of your four teams. Even if it’s only to show superiority by beating all other countries…..

Auf Wiedersehen – have a great 2008!

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