This Bulletin is from June 10th, 2007

June 2007

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I’m doing a solo show at Wheatsheaf in Central London this Friday (15th). Please find details at the bottom of the email.

And now funny:

England is at serious risk of not qualifying for Euro 2008 despite last week’s comfortable win. It’s interesting to see the public debate on who to blame. Steve McClaren is regarded as the main culprit. Not least because of his ginger barnet. Frank Lampard, the FA and the tabloid press are other leading candidates.

However, everybody seems to forget who really is to blame for England trailing Israel. Clement Attlee. If the then Prime Minister hadn’t ended the British Mandate of Palestine there would be no State of Israel. Or at least not in an area where none of the neighbours want to play football with them. Shame on Attlee for mixing sports and politics.

Bad news came from Greenwich, where the historic tea-clipper Cutty Sark burnt down. Despite CCTV cameras every three yards police still don’t know who the arsonists were. Just an idea but it might be worth asking the local anti-social-behaviour-prone Bishop of Sothwark Tom Butler whether he can remember his whereabouts on the night in question or whether he had another bout of amnesia.

Criticising police forces is currently very much en vogue in Britain. In particular foreign ones. Be it the Portuguese for not finding Madeleine McCann or their Spanish, French, Italian and Greek colleagues for wrong-doing English football supporters when following their clubs. I enjoy criticising Southerners and calling them inept and inferior as much as the next Daily Mail reader, but to be fair – at least nobody got shot at point-blank range trying to get onto public transport.

A quick word about the violent G8 protests. I must admit I never fully understood what smashing up towns does to improve standards of living, the self-proclaimed campaign goal. Various African regions have unsuccessfully tried this approach for decades. What I do know though is that the protesters are spurned on a lot more by hatred towards their parents and ultimately themselves than a desire to save the planet.

Unlike the much critizised George W. Bush, who is a regular church-goer and isn’t afraid of working long hours. As a result he gets on famously with his family (in particular his father) and is a real credit to them and to Christianity.

This can’t be said about the Right Reverend Tom Butler and his fellow terrorists.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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