This Bulletin is from September 5th, 2006

September 2006

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

German comedy is going from strength to strength.

Last month’s Edinburgh festival was another great success. “Four World Cups and One World Pope” sold out most nights and Otto Kuhnle and I really enjoyed performing. Bar the one night when the audience was almost entirely made up of German tourists, who didn’t know what hit them. Whilst I am at it, Otto and I will do an extended version of our Edinburgh show in the New End Theatre, Hampstead, from 16th to 25th November. Tickets can be booked on 0870 033 2733.

Luckily, my post World Cup fear of Britain moving on from WWII and me losing loads of comedy material turns out to be completely unfounded. On the train home from a gig last Monday I flicked through the Daily Mail. The debate of the day was: “Did the RAF save us from being invaded by Hitler?” What a relief….

After the festival I went for five days to the Shetlands. Having experienced the uniquely depressing loneliness of a Scottish island I am far from surprised to hear the story of Molly Campbell, who left her alcoholic mother on the Isle of Lewis to live with her father and her siblings in Lahore. Given the choice between the two any right-minded person would do the same. I for one would rather live in the bustling Pakistani capital even though I don’t know anybody out there.

Another story that made the headlines was Private Jason Chelsea, who killed himself because he feared having to shoot child suicide bombers in Iraq. The papers failed to discuss the most interesting point though: the soldier’s entire family changed their name by deed poll to Chelsea because they are fans of the Premiership club.
I think as a rule of thumb one can assume that whoever names himself after a football club must be the victim of severe mental disturbances. That bloke should have never ever been allowed to join the army and carry a gun in the first place. What’s next? Someone called Glory Glory Man United in charge of nuclear bombs?

Have a month full of work!


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