This Bulletin is from June 3rd, 2006

June 2006

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Another ordinary month comes to an end.
An immigration officer who offered to help a teenage asylum seeker in return for sex turns out to be illegal in the country himself; a motorist is let off with a £250 fine after killing a granny by dangerous driving; all and sundry are getting knifed. Welcome to Great Britain.

Of course it’s not all bad news. British government announced last week that we’ll have the pleasure of working another three years before being forced into retirement at the age of 68. The best part is that the purity of the enjoyment won’t even be spoiled by money as each of the three extra years will only be worth an extra £1 towards the weekly pension. Two things give life a meaning: hard work and cold showers. And luckily there’s no shortage of these.

You’ve got no idea how angry I was when hearing about the bribery scandal that engulfs Italian football.
Apparently Juventus bribed referees and officials as they pleased. I couldn’t care less about the going-ons in Seria A but what annoys me massively is that the Agnelli family threw money at everybody connected with the Bianconeri but didn’t provide Ferrari with the funds to build Schumacher a competitive Formula1 car.
So, enough for now……bring on Costa Rica!
Enjoy the World Cup!


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