The Working Life…

…of a stand-up comic consists of three parts; writing, travelling and performing. Luckily I enjoy all those aspects.

Please find below some of my columns for The Independent, The Times and pearls of wisdom from my monthly bulletin.
This provides you with much needed information about the state of the country and upcoming gigs in the past.

My Writing

The secret of comedy….According to Henning Wehn - The Times (Playlist) - 1st May 2009
Achtung Britische!? - The Fix - 1st May 2009
Henning Wehn explains German Humour - Time Out - 1st April 2008
British Sport and Leisure - The Fix - 1st March 2008
Three World Cups and a Pope - Zeitgeist - 1st September 2006
Tired of losing? Then support us - The Independent - 4th July 2006
‘Allo ‘Allo, where are the stereotypes? - The Independent - 29th June 2006
Germany breathes again – the Cloggies are out - The Independent - 28th June 2006
Come on, England – Germany expects - The Independent - 22nd June 2006
The great tram trauma - The Independent - 20th June 2006
Flags out now but I wouldn’t put one on my BMW - The Independent - 16th June 2006
Sun, schnapps and English efficiency - - 12th June 2006
The bookies’ nightmare: Otto the elderly German - The Independent - 9th June 2006
Remember just one thing: Don’t mention the score - - 5th June 2006
Do not get too excited, Englanders – you haven’t got a Pope - The Independent - 3rd March 2006


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