This Bulletin is from May 9th, 2019

May 2019

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Contrary to popular belief Britain is still a going concern. I have been on the road since early February and can report there are still tomatoes available the length and breadth of the island.

I didn’t do a full stocktake regards blood-pressure lowering medication but I’m sure that’s all fine too. Saying that, to be on the safe side it would be helpful if everyone changed to a vegan diet with its ample health benefits, negating the need for most medication.

There might not be all that much manufacturing but veganism certainly is a UK growth area! Even the smallest towns boast at least one meat-free cafe. And on tour those places are a godsend, because no matter what you make of the grub you can be sure that a certain degree of thought, skill and care has gone into the cooking. Something you are not always guaranteed when walking into any old restaurant.

The increased popularity of those places can lead to their own problems though when they become so popular the owners, who are frequently passionate one or two man bands, crack under the demand and decide to close down. But I am happy to report still open many, many gems such as Herbivore in Exeter, Pulp Fiction in Whitley Bay, Blue Moon in Sheffield and about ten different places in Cardiff. If you’re curious check – they have a very extensive list of what’s what in your neighbourhood.

In many ways restaurants are like lower-league football clubs. You want them to do well but not so well kick-off is moved to 12.30 on a Sunday, you can’t get your ticket on the gate, and everyone in the boardroom speaks Russian, Arabic or American.

I really hope Gareth Ainsworth will one day win the Champions League. As long as it’s not with Wycombe Wanderers as that would change the club beyond recognition. Luckily for the moment the Chairboys don’t need to worry about away days at the Santiago Bernabeu. Next season’s trip to Portman Road is as exciting as it gets and thank God for that.

That’s it for this month. Hope to see you soon. Tomatoes, beta blockers and all.

All the best


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