This Bulletin is from October 6th, 2015

October 2015

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Oh dear, oh dear. I can’t believe I didn’t send out a September bulletin but it was simply impossible to keep up with events.

Now the dust has settled I can give you a much needed, balanced summary of the Volkswagen affair.

As follows: Germany got fantastic PR for welcoming desperate refugees with open arms and presenting itself to the world as what it is: a pleasant country full of pleasant people.

Obviously the masons or some other dark force (the USA, to be precise,) didn’t like it and dragged up a nonsense story about the Fatherland’s biggest car manufacturer breaking some petty rules to do with toxic fumes.

Contrary to current news reports Volkswagen didn’t make their customers drive round in rolling nuclear reactors. Instead some of its cars provided marginally more emissions than they maybe should have. No big deal.

Why do people buy diesel cars? Because they’re good for the environment?! Come off it! They have them because they’re cheap to run. Anyone seriously concerned about the environment takes the bus. Or cycles. Or walks.

So, in a nutshell, we’re dealing with despicable anti-German slander at a global level. But rest assured it’ll blow over soon and the whole affair will be remembered as nothing more than a storm in a jerrycan…

Have a great month


PS: Did I tell you that on October 3rd Germany celebrated the 25th anniversary of re-unification, the greatest success story in the history of mankind?
Here’s a documentary about it you might like:

It also features fellow German stand-up Christian Schulte-Loh.

PPS: The winners of the Edinburgh prize draw have been notified. If you want to relive the excitement of the draw please click HERE.

PPPS: Please find below a list of upcoming gigs. It would be great to see you at one of those.

PPPPS: That’s it. Auf Wiedersehen!

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