This Bulletin is from April 4th, 2015

April 2015

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Now then, in order of importance:

1) I hope you’ve all had a good Easter.

2) There are two final London dates for Eins, Zwei, DIY! June 2+3 at Clapham Grand. It’s a DVD recording. TICKETS HERE

3) Loads of Eins, Zwei, DIY tour dates up and down the country have been added.

That’s it – have a great month and hopefully see you soon


PS: The first draft of this bulletin was quite a lot longer. It was all about the importance of respecting politicians, so people aren’t put off joining parties at grassroots level and giving up their evenings and weekends to serve the community and democratic process. But I was too concerned this sentiment might alienate the readers and unlike the Labour leader I’m just not “toughynuss”.

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