This Bulletin is from July 4th, 2014

July 2014

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

18 Years of Puzzlement have finally come to an end and the natural order has been restored. Deutschland ist Weltmeister!

And what better way to end the Five Months of Hurt I have caused by not sending out a monthly newsletter since February?!

Over the past few days I have been congratulated so many times I have started to think I did actually play.
It’s hard work basking in reflected glory, particularly when trying not to come across as too smug.

Anyway, let’s hope the marvellous mother of all triumphs will put an end to those stupid documentaries about how South America’s poverty is the catalyst for footballing excellence, and how everyone in Brazil learns to play barefoot on the beach. Even the ones living thousands of miles away from the sea.

It’s time for more accurate documentaries that explain how well-maintained municipal facilities and the supportive families of a prosperous middle class are the secret to world domination. On the pitch, I mean. Of course.

I’ll tell you all about it in much more detail in my new touring show: Eins, Zwei, DIY.

Please forgive me for the briefness of this missive but after several months out of the Monthly Bulletin game it takes time to get fully keyboard-fit again.
Besides, you will appreciate that I’ve had a moderate amount of alcohol recently.

Have a great month and thanks for reading this


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