This Bulletin is from March 12th, 2012

March 2012

Dear Friends of German Comedy,
Phew! What a scorcher! Yesterday’s forecast promised an incredible 18 degrees and today we’re almost in double figures again!
The summer is here and the Sun on Sunday is with us, too. And at least the latter is here to stay. And thank God for that.

For a moment it looked like the Leveson enquiry would mean no more phone hacking, no more smearing of all and sundry, an end to politicians being afraid of the gutter press and no more corruption in the police force. All of which would present us with a problem – this bright new world would be all thanks to Levi Bellfield, the man who killed Millie Dowler and set the whole tawdry process in motion.

So hip hip hooray for the Sun of Sunday, which proves that nothing has changed, the media is still horrible and we don’t have to give a maniac the MBE. Sorry, I mean not ANOTHER maniac the MBE…

Also, hip-hip hooray for The Artist, the black-and-white movie that won umpteen Oscars.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s easily explained.If you don’t want to know the plot, look away now!

The movie adheres to the old adage that French people should be seen and not heard.Ideally not be seen either, to be honest.

Anyway, the movie is a two-hour advert for the importance of a sensible pension plan.

The main character is some self-obsessed fooland, by total coincidence, an actor. He enjoys great success but then becomes unfashionable. Subsequentlyhe ends up in a squalid bed-sit and tries to take his own life. But he’s too weak-willedand disorganised to even do that.

The protagonist’s mistake, other than his lack of prudence, was to think that talking films would be a flash in the pan. People have made similar
predictions about German comedy, but I’m afraid it’s here to stay!And tour!

So why not come to one of my upcoming shows all around the UK? Because comedy is like sex – the more spectators the better the atmosphere… as long as the setting is still intimate enough for everyone to get a good eyeful.

And if you can’t make it to any of them you could do worse than listen to Henning Knows Best, my upcoming Radio 2 series. It starts this Saturday evening at 10pm and you’ll also be able to listen to it on the iplayer.

Have a great month and enjoy all versions of sun


Please find below a list of upcoming gigs. Tickets for all shows are available
Please note I’ve added extra dates in Bristol and London. There are also still
some tickets left for this Saturday in Glasgow.

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