This Bulletin is from October 6th, 2010

October 2010

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Wunderbar! Germany celebrates the 20th anniversary of reunification! Actually, the work-shy communists in the former East do. People in the West are too busy working to pay for it all.

To make matters worse I can’t even chip in with small radio appearance fees as the anniversary has no significance in Britain – not a single radio station asked me for a sound bite.

Luckily I still have some money in my piggybank from the time tour operator Thomas Cook gave German holidaymakers the option to pre-book sunloungers.
On that momentous occasion my phone didn’t stop ringing all week.

Somehow it doesn’t seem to have sunk into British psyche how instrumental Germany’s reunification has been for the arrival of those well-skilled Polish plumbers and those Manchester-based Russians who won the Nobel Prize for Physics earlier this week.

But celebrations are not only in order for foreign communists but also for three bona-fide Brits: Chris Baines, Tom Beattie and Graham Prentice! Those three are the lucky winners of the My Struggle Edinburgh raffle. Click this link, or just press play below, and watch the riveting footage of the draw!

A big thanks to German National Tourism Office for providing the great prizes; and in particular to Jeanette Schuchmann for being Lady Luck on what will be remembered as one sufficiently exciting afternoon!

If you’re up for another sufficiently exciting afternoon you could do worse than come to Otto and my German Christmas Do at Leicester Square Theatre on Dec 19th. It kicks off at 3:30pm so there’s more than enough time to visit the German Christmas market in Hyde Park after the show! Tickets:

Have a great month


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