This Bulletin is from March 5th, 2010

March 2010

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Greece is bust. And let’s not beat about the bush it’s because Greeks are incredibly lazy and on top of that evade paying taxes on what little work they do, all overseen by inept civil servants.
Or so I thought. But apparently I am wrong. Greek MP Margaritis Tzimas explained her country is in the doldrums not because of widespread corruption, contempt for the state and non-existent work ethics but because Germany has not paid compensation for Greece’s war victims.
Let’s forget the small matter that Germany has paid ample compensation to Greece in the 1960s and let’s also forget that people constantly seem to overestimate the financial benefit of having lost World War II – if anything they should demand compensation from Switzerland as they were the main financial beneficiaries of the war.

But let’s put all this to one side and turn to the more interesting question – who is next to contact Berlin and aggressively try to fill their begging bowl by blaming their inadequacies on some goings-on in the Fatherland 70-odd years ago?

Looking at their level of debt it can’t be long before Manchester United demand money of Germany for the bombing of Old Trafford.

Luckily it’s a well known fact that the bombing of Old Trafford was the work of one madman – Uwe Rösler’s grandad. So, those Glazers / Red Knights (delete as applicable) will have to get in touch with him rather than German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble.

Have a great month


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