This Bulletin is from October 2nd, 2008

October 2008

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Congratulating our British friends on their sporting success seems to be becoming a bit of a habit. Scotsman Andy Murray almost won the US Open and England top their qualifying group for World Cup 2010.

But before Three Lions’ supporters foolhardily back England to win the cup for as little as 8-1 it’s worth remembering that all their opponents bar Andorra are small breakaway regions of Yugoslavia and the former Soviet Union, neither of which could set a foot right on the football pitch even in their heyday.

And England’s qualifying campaign might become even easier if Ukraine’s pro-Russian East declares its independence. Expect them to be recognized by only two organisations. The Russian Parliament and the English FA.

Talking about the Warsaw pact. I just got back from a gig in Budapest, a stunningly beautiful city. As I was there during the week the enjoyment wasn’t spoilt by rampaging, loutish stag-do’s either.

However, from now on I will have very little sympathy when hearing that it is inaccurate and insulting to link Eastern Europe to debauchery and prostitution.

Probably a way to change this image would be not to distribute official city maps with English-Hungarian translations of phrases such as “How much for him/her/it?”, “Do you fuck on first dates?” and “It smells like fish” while omitting “Good day” and “Nice to meet you”.

As a result I was totally incapable of even the most basic morally sound everyday conversation. Interestingly, I instinctively decided to bark out my orders in English rather than German. Presumably so as not to give Germans a bad name.

By the way, this Monthly Bulletin is NOT being sent out early so I can send
another one just before Otto Kuhnle and my run at The Questors Theatre Ealing
from Oct 16-18 and for which tickets are available on

That would be purely coincidental.

Have a great month


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