This Bulletin is from June 5th, 2008

June 2008

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

Let’s start this month’s bulletin with a positive thought:

Do you remember Stuart Drummond, the first directly elected Mayor of Hartlepool? Before his election in 2002 this twenty-something had played the mascot – ‘H’Angus the Monkey’ – for Hartlepool United FC. He had no political ambitions and simply stood ‘for a laugh’, conducting his whole campaign dressed in the monkey outfit.
After his election he took off the costume and devoted himself to his new task; so well in fact to get re-elected in 2005. With even more votes than before. If someone whose only claim to fame had been getting evicted from football grounds for simulating sex with an inflatable doll and on another occasion with a female steward can rise to the job of mayor, who is to say Boris Johnson can’t?

Earlier this month I experienced a very fine example of local pride. We’re talking Burnley in Lancashire. I was staying in a beautifully old-fashioned hotel. It so happened that I sat down with the portly night porter for pint of ale. Before long he was praising local achievements, such as the people of Burnley having burnt more witches than anywhere else before pointing out that the Oldham and Bradford race riots weren’t organized by the BNP from Oldham or Bradford but by the BNP from BURNLEY. So much local pride made me almost choke on my pork scratchings.

Lest our English friends forget let me remind them that it’s less than two weeks to go until Euro 2008. Many tears were shed after Steve McClaren’s team failed to qualify but on closer inspection it’s business as usual for English football supporters.
Just like week in, week out during the domestic season they will have to cheer on a team full of foreigners. Why not make this team Germany?

I even filmed two short motivational videos. One is here: and another one can be found on Herr Goebbels in his heyday can’t have been much busier….

Finally let me turn all Hollywood and thank you for the great turn-out Otto Kuhnle and I had at The Questors Theatre in Ealing. A special thank you for the continuous support of William Cook at The Guardian, Tim Arthur at Time Out and Dr. Schleich and Ute Lankes at the German Embassy. Also a massive thank you to Christopher Hodgson and the rest of the crew at The Questors Theatre! You were marvellous…sniff, sniff, sniff.

Have a great month and enjoy the sun

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