This Bulletin is from May 15th, 2006

May 2006

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I am very sorry about the delay to this month’s bulletin. This is due to an eye infection I caught.

Following recent disclosures I shouldn’t send out a written bulletin anyway. I should record it and send it as an mp3 file in the vain hope of becoming a BBC Radio presenter. That would be me financially sorted until the end of my days…. Or I should change careers altogether and become a barber. All I need to find are two customers in a similar mental state to Cherie Blair.
How did her hairdresser manage to keep a straight face when invoicing the Labour party 275 quid per day for weeks on end during the election campaign?

Let’s talk football. Wayne Rooney is injured and presumably out for the World Cup. Eriksson, the FA and all true England supporters are over the moon as this provides them with the perfect excuse for failure before a single ball has been kicked.

The FA in particular will be delighted about Rooney’s timing. Just in time to overshadow the closing stages of their amateurish search for a new manager.

One final comment about football. Rudi Völler told Bundesliga players off for diving and cheating. “This sort of behaviour would be unthinkable in England. The players in question would be booed by their own fans”, the former German manager stated. Little does he know. It’s another example of a) a pundit talking rubbish and b) the positive reputation England has in the world when it comes down to fair-play and manners.

If people abroad would read The Sun only once they would know better. Their “I’m big in the Bumdestag” photo story about Angela Merkel on her holidays in Italy was totally out of order. I don’t want a model talking politics and I don’t want to see Chancellor Merkel modelling bikinis. And neither do the manufacturers I dare to say.

Have a great month


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