This Bulletin is from January 5th, 2008

January 2008

Dear Friends of German Comedy,

I hope you all enjoyed a calm and peaceful Christmas with your family. In case you every now and then got the hump with your mother for mentioning every newborn and every wedding in a 20 mile radius whilst pulling an expectant but at the same time disillusioned face …well, you’re not alone.

Let’s talk about what really matters: football.

The English FA has appointed a new manager and it’s not Jürgen Klinsmann. Allegedly his English was deemed too good to be understood by the players.

Lucky him! The idea of a German having to manage the England football team is absurd in the highest degree.

The average Brit on his own is very welcoming and warm towards Germans and has usually had some pleasant experiences on trips to the Fatherland. However, once there is a critical mass of about 100 Britische (fewer in Kent) one can observe a social phenomenon which is best described as World-War-II panto. This includes goose-stepping, Nazi salutes, shouting of random pseudo-German words and renditions of ‘Ten German Bombers’.

In other words Klinsmann would have been fine for the first 30 minutes of each half at the new Wembley. But once more than a handful of spectators were back from their complementary hospitality buffets he would have been up against it.

I recently got roundly booed in the plush surroundings of the Royal Theatre Liverpool before even reaching the microphone stand. A frustrating situation as I take great pride in working towards abuse by meticulously offending sensibilities. On this occasion it was just too easy.

In the European City of Culture 2008’s (hihihihi…) defence: locals who presumably feared for their chip shops apologized to me immediately after the gig. They claimed that morons had been sent over by Manchester City Council to give Liverpool a bad name. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell as everybody outside the M25 circular looks and sounds the same to me.

Just a quick reminder for German subscribers: Don’t forget to order your Euro tickets. We will be able to apply for them on from 15th January.
Meanwhile the Britische will have to make do with tickets for a Chas n Dave concert.
Have a good 2008 – see you in Vienna

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