A Week In The Wild

On this expedition, ex-politician Stanley Johnson, TV presenter Melanie Sykes and German comedian Henning Wehn tackle Mexico’s little explored but famous Copper Canyon. It is a stunning wilderness in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains of north west Mexico. Over the course of a week, our trio experience an enticing challenge through difficult and remote terrain, an unforgiving climate and unfamiliar culture. They carve a route through breathtaking scenery, endless steep valleys, gorges and plateaux, setting up camp each night.

The relentless journey will take stamina, will power and even a mule or two. They climb two thousand metre peaks to meet some of Mexico’s most remote cattle ranchers, trek across canyons to treacherous gold mines where prospectors still seek out their fortune, and descend into deep valleys, where the indigenous Tarahumara people hide away to protect their culture and way of life. The goal is to witness one of the most important festivals of the year and get first-hand experience of rituals and beliefs that, as a result of their inaccessibility, have survived the changes of 21st-century life.

A physical and mental challenge, this is an inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our celebrities to experience alternative values in a world far removed from their own and learn something different about the culture, people and environment of this intriguing part of Mexico.


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