Look at me!

Applied correctly, TV exposure should be able to ruin anyone's life in little time. The ideal scenario sees you in a position in which your face is too well known to take public transport but you don't earn enough money to take a cab.

  • Gogglebox

    Dave's One Night Stand

    Not many people know that Reg Hunter and I grew up together in Edinburgh. Fun times.

    Introduced by Stewart Lee

    Stewart introduces me in the extra content for the 6th episode of "Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle.

    The Alternative Comedy Experience

    Some snippets of my set on the series. Introduced by Stewart Lee.

    Edinburgh & Beyond

    Snippets of my set on Edinburgh and Beyond.

    Alternative Election Night 2015

    Seeing how little live TV I have done, I was close to a Connery throughout.

    Room 101

    Henning Wehn wants to abolish our beloved monarchy so they can have an opportunity of upward social mobility.

    8 Out Of 10 Cats

    Me and other mercenaries discuss the BBC. At the behest of one of its commercial rivals.


    This was easily the most intimidating programme I've ever been on. Full of brain boxes. God knows how we ended up talking about the war.

    The Matt Lucas Awards

    On The Matt Lucas Awards with Graeme Garden, Jason Manford and Matt Lucas, obviously.

    This Week

    Discussing stereotypes with Alan Johnson, Michael Portillo and Andrew Neil who very impressively managed to come up with a Nazi reference out of nowhere.

    Ten O'Clock Live

    Once again spreading pro-European gospel.

    Would I Lie to You?

    Obviously not. Listen to my entirely plausible story of how I ended up on Interpol's missing persons list.

    Tourism Guide to (West) Germany

    Extoling the virtues of a trip to the Fatherland.

    A Coffee With...

    Ben is a superb interviewer - I reveal where Fighting Talk is being recorded these days. Several times.
    Just as interestingly, I look like I've had a hip replacement.
    So far I haven't had one yet but maybe that's something to look into for the future.

    On FAQ U with David Mitchell

    David Mitchell is smart and well-mannered enough to be mistaken for a German.
    Please note the archival quality of this clip.

    On FAQ U with Karen Taylor & Alan Carr

    Sitting on that sofa again.
    Please note the sound still hasn't improved.

  • The Road To Rio

    Road To Rio 2014

    Mark Watson and I were sent to South America in the build up to the 2014 World Cup.

    Anyone remember who won the thing in the end? I’ve forgotten.

    Road To Rio - Uruguay

    The filming of this episode was a disaster. But the weather more than made up for it.

    Road To Rio - Argentina

    The sun did have its hat on.

    Road To Rio - Chile

    We spotted a UFO! Funny what too much sun does to people.

    Road To Rio - Columbia & Equador

    Very warm.

    Road To Rio - Sao Paolo

    One hot place.

    Road To Rio - Rio

    Nice and toasty.

  • That'll teach ja

    Some time ago I completed 10 short videos for the BBC, you can view them here.

    The Alphabet

    Gender Bender

    Long Words


    False Friends

    Loan Words

    Waiting For The Verb

    Pseudo Anglicisms


    Telling The Time

  • Bits and Bobs

    Park Bench

    Marek Larwood and I conduct an experiment. It combines sport, science and nutrition.

    Cross Cultural Humour

    Britain is like this, and Germany is like that. Got it?

    The War This Week

    Henning Wehn never ceases to be amazed by how many references to Nazi Germany one can find in British newspapers. Well, it keeps him in a job.

    I Have Been Looking For Freedom

    Abusing Radio 2 property to butcher The Hoff's one hit.

    Introducing das Champions League Final auf ITV

    Once again pulling the most amazing faces in this (very) fast-paced piece.
    Who needs the RADA?

    Henning Wehn supports Germany - shocker!

    Why the self-styled 'comedy ambassador' thinks you should support Germany in Euro 2008.
    The original link is here.


    The set design is the closest I have come to performing at Live at the Apollo. Tough crowd.

    Germans In Britain

    Filmed by the Migration Museum - Lord Moser’s phrase “nothing would enable me to say...” is just brilliant